Vance Harrison: 2019 Convention Speaker

Vance Harrison started his career at progressive rock station WXRT in Chicago in 1978. In 1988 Vance moved to Oklahoma City as the General Manager of KOMA AM/FM and KRXO FM. In 1998 KMGL FM management was added to the radio cluster and then the oversight of KBEZ FM and KHTT FM in Tulsa from 2000-2004. Additional duties included managing the University of Oklahoma Radio Network from 1991-1998 and then as a partner of Sooner Sports Properties from 1998-2004.

Since 2007, Mr. Harrison has been the President of the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters, the trade association that advocates for all radio and television stations throughout the State of Oklahoma.


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Session: “Maximize Revenue Mileage with a LIVE Video Streaming Tune Up”

Saturday, June 8th, 9:15 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

With new technology, Live video streaming is now readily available for any level of sports broadcasts. In this session you will learn why a video presence is necessary for any school athletics and how to monetize the stream with your traditional radio broadcast.

You can easily combine the revenue streams of video and audio and maximize your revenue opportunities. You will also participate in a “Hands-On” demonstration of how to professionally produce a LIVE Video stream with only one additional person. Learn what software you will need and what equipment will work best for a limited budget. Get tips on how to get a signal out of a stadium or arena and ways to distribute the product on all platforms.

Listeners, viewers, school administrators and advertisers are now demanding enhanced excellence in broadcast production. This session will get you started towards a professional product that can generate significantly more revenue and ensure you don’t lose the rights to competing industries.