Think F1rst

The Think F1rst campaign is designed to raise awareness about the First Amendment, and the five freedoms it grants to every American citizen. According to the 2017 Annenberg Constitution Day Civics Survey, 37% of Americans do not know what freedoms this amendment guarantees.

These are your freedoms: Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom to Peaceably Assembly and the Freedom to Petition the Government. The government cannot take these away from you. They are a guarantee that the government is accountable to the people and are critical to the maintenance of democracy.

The Think F1rst campaign was originally developed in 2018 for Media of Nebraska. The campaign elements were distributed to Nebraska newspapers, radio and TV stations with a request for them to consider supporting the campaign. In July of 2019, a number of other state broadcast associations and state press associations asked their respective members to consider supporting the campaign in their respective states, including Missouri.

The MBA Board of Directors approved the distribution of five radio and two television messages on educating the public on the 1st Amendment.  These high quality messages are for you to air on your station(s) as you see fit.  This is strictly voluntary.

We have tagged spots in this box link:

The website, has all the information about this campaign.  The creative (without legal ID’s) including the newspaper creative, will all be posted on the site. You may certainly tag the spots with your own station(s) call letters. Please feel free to share the materials in any way you like – on your station, on your social media platforms, on your websites, and so on – through December 31, 2020.

Thank you!