The MBA Teams Up with the Red Cross to Fund Disaster Relief in Missouri

This year, Missouri citizens have faced tragic losses of homes, businesses, belongings, and even their lives in the face of extreme weather conditions. We are so proud of the way broadcasters have worked tirelessly to ensure that their listeners and viewers have the information they need to stay safe and recoup. We wanted to let you know about one more opportunity to pass along to your audience to aid in the recovery efforts.

We have partnered with the Missouri chapter of the American Red Cross to set up an easy-to-use donation portal that can be shared in any way that suits your audience. The donations go directly to the efforts in the state of Missouri to help offer meals, shelter, and other forms of relief. You can find the donation portal here:

Since the beginning of this year alone, the Red Cross efforts within our state have included:

  • 1,675 shelter stays for families
  • Over 21,942 meals
  • Nearly 500 volunteers
  • Over 857 instances of connecting victims with health and mental health services
  • Over 3,370 relief items

Donations to the portal go directly to these and other efforts in our state.

On this page of our website, you will find three additional resources that you can share: a PDF that discusses what the Red Cross has done in Missouri to aid in the relief efforts; a Word document with the most up-to-date information on what areas the Red Cross is focused on, and what the most pressing threats are right now; and a second Word document with flood safety tips. Feel free to share any of these documents, or the information in them, in any way that works for your audience.

The donation portal site will be live indefinitely, so please feel free to promote it often. Thank you for your help getting this vital information out to our communities about how we can help our neighbors.