Free Sales Training Coming to You in January – Register for the MBA Road Show with Paul Weyland

As a society, we’ve come to associate being “in sales” with a sense of distaste – many of us picture pushy, greedy salesmen with no boundaries. But the role of the sales team at your broadcast station is one of the most important – and also one of the least celebrated. The truth is that this role has a huge impact on the world of broadcasting. Take a look at marketing advice for new business owners, and you’ll see that radio and television advertising is a huge contender for marketing dollars. And it’s these dollars that support all the other roles in the industry.

As a station manager or owner, your sales team is the secret sauce behind your station’s success, and it’s up to you to give them the tools they need to dominate the market. At the MBA, we’re here to help! It’s hard to believe that January is just around the corner, but in just a few short weeks, your sales team can get free training from one of the industry’s leading experts. And we’re bringing him to you!

From January 7 through January 11, Paul Weyland will be traveling throughout the state with us, meeting with you and your sales team at one of six different stops. This is a totally free event for your team, and all you have to do is register for the day and location where you’ll be attending.

Paul is presenting brand-new material on increasing both local direct sales and digital sales – two areas where marketing budgets continue to soar.

I Know Something You Don’t Know: How to Dramatically Increase Your Local Direct Broadcast and Digital Sales Numbers

Are you in the Mid-Missouri area? Paul and the MBA will be in Columbia on January 7th.

Are you in the eastern part of Missouri? Paul and the MBA will be in Quincy, IL, on January 8th.

Are you in St. Louis? We’ll also be in the city on January 8th for an afternoon stop!

Are you near Cape Girardeau? We’ll be there on January 9th!

Are you near Springfield? Sign up for the stop in Springfield on January 10th.

Are you in the western part of Missouri? Our final stop is Kansas City on January 11th.

The discussion covers topics such as:

  • How to Ask for More Annual Business
  • Why You Should Be Asking for 4 Times More Money than You’re Getting Now
  • Why Price Is the Last Thing Your Client Should Sacrifice to Attract New Customers
  • How to Make Digital Products Easier to Sell
  • How to Come Up with Genius Creative Whether You’re a Creative Genius or Not
  • How to Keep Local Clients Local for Life

Paul is known for his witty-yet-practical presentations that are filled with ideas that sales teams can implement immediately.

Check out each event’s link above to find out the details for your area. Again, this is completely free for your sales team! Contact Terry Harper at (573) 636-6692 or if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!


Later this month we’ll be introducing you to an inspiring member of the Missouri broadcasting industry. Stay tuned here, or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!