FCC EEO Regulations for Broadcasters

February 2021 FCC EEO Regulations for Broadcasters Webinar
Presented by Gregg Skall
To access the recorded webinar, click here and use passcode: M=LS818*
Below is the downloadable EEO manual.

EEO Policy Statement Example

Here are two different examples:
Station WWWW is an equal opportunity employer committed to meeting the Stations’ EEO obligations.

Paying Play-by-Play Announcers

Since the 2016 Department of Labor overtime order, broadcasters have been both focused and sometimes perplexed over how the overtime rules apply to some of their unique situations.

EEO Requirements Regarding Scholarships

By Gregg Skall
Telecommunications Law Professionals, PLLC
Stations seeking EEO credit for scholarships must have an active participation in the process,