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Broadcasters Calendar and Political Windows

Legal Blogs and Newsletters

Use this button to access CommLaw blogs, Memo to Member posts, blog posts from the MBA legal counsel on both federal and state regulations, and other blogs or newsletters posted for your general information.

Enforcement Monitors

Use this button to access the FCC Enforcement Monitor, published by Pillsbury’s communications lawyers every month. This newsletter informs broadcasters of notable FCC enforcement actions against FCC license holders and others.

FCC & Federal Alerts

Use this button to access news regarding FCC alerts, station advisories, and other federal alerts that may affect your station.

Political Rules & Regulations

Use this button to access political forms, political rules, a political broadcast manual, and more. This section contains information on political advertising. 

General Broadcast Rules & Regulations

Use this button to access information on public files, EEO, music licensing, and other general rules and regulations for broadcasting.

Current Issues & Bill Trackers

Use this button to access information on recent legislation that affects broadcasters. This section includes bill trackers for proposed legislation when available, signed bills, and more.

Federal Advertising Regulations

Use this button to access information on advertising regulations. This section includes all the information we have on current issues, such as advertising CBD oil.

Missouri Rules, Regulations, and Legislation

Use this button to access Missouri-specific rules and regulations. This section includes information on the MBA’s ongoing federal court case regarding alcohol advertising laws, as well as information on things like state taxes, automotive and gambling advertising, and more.