Gary Moore: 2019 Convention Speaker

Gary M. Moore is Owner and President of Local Broadcast Sales (the nation’s leading independent sales training and new business development website for broadcasters) and Insight Edge, Inc. (a consulting and professional ad management and sales development company that also specializes in the Art of Understanding People, Made Easy!).

Gary has worked with over 3,000 broadcast, print, and digital media companies and retailers nationwide. He partners with media companies professionally developing leaders and sales teams to integrate traditional media with digital solutions to build new revenue, increase market share, improve communication, and enhance strategic services.

Gary has over 30 years of advertising sales and leadership experience. He led the charge in traditional media’s digital real estate integration with a platform that eventually evolved into He was an original member of McClatchy Newspapers’ future technology committee. He oversaw the online automotive and real estate technology that was eventually purchased by Gannett from Pentawave (a software company that specialized in digital solutions for traditional media). He has successfully led and had day-to-day responsibility for traditional and online ad sales teams in Dallas, San Diego, Sacramento and Houston. He previously also led sales teams in smaller California communities including Riverside, Oceanside, Santa Monica, and Modesto.

Gary is a regular speaker at ad industry events nationwide including Founder and co-Dean of the New York State Broadcaster’s Association Certified Two-Week Sales School, now a 40-hour digital certified sales offering, speaker at state broadcaster association conferences and corporate retreats and instructor for the Hearst-Argyle, Belo and Lin Broadcast Certified Sales Academy in Dallas (5 consecutive years).

Gary and his wife Ann live in the San Diego area and have eleven children.

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Session: “The Life of a Broadcast and Digital Media Expert”

Friday, June 7th, 10:45 a.m. – Noon

Now is a great time to evaluate your go-to-market strategy in today’s crazy digital media-mix world. We’ll discuss how to know what’s the best plan of action for you. Are you ignoring the digital trends hoping they will go away or perhaps you’re all in! We’ll also discuss how to keep your head from exploding from all the knowledge that is out there in the very fast changing digital product lines. Is digital a form of media to stay or is it a slowly fizzling fad that will soon disappear? And how does all this digital stuff blend with my broadcast sales goals? If you’re a full time digital seller or you sell only broadcast or you sell both broadcast and digital, you don’t want to miss this session.

Session: “Leading Change Without Breaking the Broadcast Model”

Friday, June 7th, 1:45 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.

We need to win, and in today’s skeptical and competitive world that’s not easy!  We must continually prove that we’re leaders worth following.   Do our broadcast sellers perceive that management communication, at times, seems insincere and lacks motivational support?   We must embrace the responsibility to be exceptional role models to our teams, so our stable culture is not disrupted by the pressures of day-to-day financial demands.   Questionable decisions and leadership actions have the potential to stymie progress.  Is it any wonder a recent Gallup workforce survey places the number of disengaged employees in the U.S. at 70%?  Come away with best management thinking and practices to add to your revenue-generating culture!