MBA 2021 Convention: The Show Must Go On

Thank you to everyone who helped make the MBA’s 2021 convention a success, whether you were able to attend or not! Also, CONGRATULATIONS to all of the MBA award winners! For those not in attendance, awards will be shipped to your stations by August 20th. 

Would you like a personalized copy of an award? Please order those using the duplicate award form.

We will post the professional photos within a few weeks on this page. You will be able to download those for FREE! 

Meanwhile, here are some photos from the convention and awards banquet. We’ll also be posting more on all of our social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so go follow those (handles are below)! If you have photos you took at the event and would like to share, post them on social and tag us! We’d LOVE to see them! We may also contact you at some point if we want to use one or some of your photos in future publications, so share away!

Here are the handles to use:
Facebook: @MoBroadcasters
Twitter: @MOBroadcasters
Instagram: @mobroadcasters