November 5, 2018

MBA Service Spotlight: Free Online Training

One of the many things you have to provide for your team is top-notch training. And as broadcast professionals on an individual level, investing in your own resume with some training is never a bad idea. But there’s one big problem – training is expensive. Whether you are taking a course in how to be a better manager, an online class in closing deals, or you just need to get through federally-mandated sexual harassment education for your workplace, there’s a lot of different ways to sink a training budget.

We truly believe that investing in great training is one of the best things a broadcast organization, or individual, can do – which is why one of the services we offer is free (yes, FREE) training through P1 Learning.

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October 19, 2018

Getting the Most Out of Your MBA Membership

If you are reading this, you must be one of our valued Missouri Broadcasters Association members. That means a lot of things. It means that you are a vital part of your community. It means that you work hard every day to bring news, entertainment, and other important messages to the public.

And it means that we, here at the MBA, are incredibly dedicated to supporting your success.

For us, local broadcasting isn’t just a way that some people in Missouri bring home the bacon. It’s a true service that provides all the citizens across the state with something you just can’t put a price on. And in order to help you provide that to your community, we offer you a variety of services as part of your membership.

The MBA is made up of people that have been where you are – we know exactly how crazy the broadcasting world can get, and how easy it is to get buried under the to-dos, reminders, emails, and more, that you have to sift through every day.

It’s pretty easy to forget everything that an association can offer to your team, when that team is busy making your organization proud.

So we’re introducing a new series of blog posts on our website.

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