A Message to Our Members During COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear MBA Members,

More than one member of Congress has said that COVID-19 Pandemic has been good for broadcasters. In reality it has been good and even worse for broadcasters.

The good: More people of all ages are relying on over the air radio and television broadcasters to tell the real truth of what is going on with this horrible virus. The citizens of this country trust local broadcasters more than any other source for their local news and information. Broadcasters are connected to their communities. Also with the decline in local newspapers and people disconnecting from cable and satellite, free local broadcasting is still there providing, local news, weather and community outreach.

The worst: As main street goes so goes broadcasters. When retailers, car dealers and restaurants shut their doors they shut off the marketing dollars that are the life blood of all broadcasters, the greatest impact is on small market radio stations. This time has also shown a spot light on how much the internet has to be viewed with skepticism, from promoting “crack pot” cures to bringing out more scams to take advantage of people.

Be assured the MBA wants to help any way we can. We have a special section on our website with resources for our members. We also support the efforts of the National Association Broadcasters to get financial relief for small business. Please contact us if there is anything we can do. Our hope and prayers are that this pandemic is over soon, in order to get back to providing marketing for small business in America!


Mark Gordon
MBA President/CEO