America's broadcast radio and TV stations are the pulse of our communities - delivering critical news and information, weather and emergency updates and entertainment that connect and inspire us. Now more than ever, what you do for your communities is vital. In the past six months our country has been devastated by a global pandemic, civil unrest has reached a fever pitch, hurricanes and wildfires have ravaged communities and we've ...Read More
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Update 5/28/2020 Several Missouri rules restricting alcohol advertising were found to be unconstitutional by a federal District Court in June of 2018.  That decision was affirmed by the Eighth Circuit federal court of appeals in January of this year, and the state has since reimbursed the Missouri Broadcasters Association for its legal fees in fighting the unconstitutional rules.  Accordingly, the MBA has fully prevailed in this nine-year battle on behalf ...Read More
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Make Certain Your Online Public File is in Tip-Top Shape By Gregg P. Skall Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP   We are now well over a year since ALL broadcasters, including radio, have had to transition to a fully functional FCC online public file.  A year earlier, the online public file rules became effective for larger commercial radio stations in the top 50 Neilson markets with 5 or more ...Read More
The Missouri Press-Bar Commission has produced three videos to help prepare journalists with camera coverage of Missouri courts.  You can find these videos our YouTube channel, through the links below.  MBA invites all Missouri broadcasters to check out this fantastic information.  In particular, we suggest that any reporters or photographers planning to conduct camera coverage of the courts review these videos in advance.   The first video describes the basics ...Read More
To assist journalists and help them even better cover the court system and law-related matters, The Missouri Press-Bar Commission has updated its popular resource - The News Reporter’s Handbook on Law and the Courts.   The most recent edition of the handbook is now available free for download and serves as a guide to reporting on criminal, civil and juvenile cases, as well as libel, the Sunshine Law, locating sources of information and ...Read More