This month the Media Bureau will begin the move to the new Licensing and Management System (LMS) replacing the Consolidated Database System (CDBS).  As of Oct. 2, 2014, full power TV will be the first to start filing the new Form 2100 through LMS.  The FCC's plan is to reduce ALL broadcast applications to that one single form. Click Here to read a CommLawBlog post with details and links regarding ...Read More
Registration is still open for the annual Great Central U. S. ShakeOut earthquake preparedness drill set for 10:16 a.m. on Oct. 16. Because the drill is designed to teach and practice the best way to stay safe in an earthquake, the State Emergency Management Agency is encouraging all Missourians to register and participate in the drill. More than 340,000 Missourians are already registered to participate in this year’s drill. Last ...Read More
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The Communications Sector Coordinating Council (CSCC), a public-private organization on which NAB and other broadcast representatives serve, is holding a…
      As auto dealers move more and more money from traditional media to digital only, your station’s biggest…
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Sun outages will occur across the country between October 3rd and October 9th. Timing of these sun fades depends on geographic location. Please refer to the AMC-8 Fall sun outage map linked below for more specific dates and times. Link to map.
The FCC has announced revisions to update and conform its Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) rules to the current practices of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), with which it shares authority for communications towers over 200 feet high or proximate to airport runways.   A Client Alert has been posted in the Legal section of this website.   From CommLawCenter New Post: At Long Last, FCC Updates Its Tower Rules Posted August ...Read More