The FCC has set a deadline of September 23 for receipt of its Fiscal Year 2014 annual regulatory fees. Fees are owed on all authorizations held on October 1, 2013. While the FCC has adopted three significant revisions to its regulatory fee program, they will only apply next year and not this time: (1) fees will be waived for any entity with aggregate fees of less than $500; (2) the ...Read More
From Commlawblog:   The FCC's July 11, 2014 Order, concluding that clips of video programming shown by broadcasters are required to be captioned when delivered on the Internet, was published in the Federal Register this week. The rule specifically applies when a provider posts a video clip or video programming online that was first aired on television ("covered" Internet Protocol (IP) video). The FCC ultimately plans to expand its Twenty-First Century ...Read More
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Carriage on cable and satellite providers is critically important to television broadcasters.  For some stations, properly exercising their must-carry rights is…
Radio Show (September 10 - 12)
Indiana Convention Center - Indianapolis, IL
The Radio Show is radio’s premier annual event where radio professionals from every market size and business sector come together…
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The mantra of the NAB Small Market Television Exchange (SMTE) is "win" and is expressed throughout the program in its…
      As auto dealers move more and more money from traditional media to digital only, your station’s biggest…
Latest Update
The FCC has announced revisions to update and conform its Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) rules to the current practices of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), with which it shares authority for communications towers over 200 feet high or proximate to airport runways.   A Client Alert has been posted in the Legal section of this website.   From CommLawCenter New Post: At Long Last, FCC Updates Its Tower Rules Posted August ...Read More
From:  CommLaw Blog:  Problems with the EAS system surfaced in the 2011 nationwide test; now the Commission is looking to fix them, but it could take a while and be pricey for EAS participants. Following up on the request for comments released last September, the Commission has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) seeking comment on a number of possible changes to its Emergency Alert System (EAS) rules in ...Read More
From CommLawBlog:  Broadcasters feeling the heat as another agency tries to help the music industry In its never-ending push-and-pull relationship with the music industry over copyright royalties, the radio industry currently faces assaults on multiple fronts. While the creation of a “performance right” (or, as broadcasters view it, a “performance tax”) appears to have been staved off for another year (according to the NAB), there are plenty of other threats ...Read More