WASHINGTON, D.C.-- In response to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler circulating a quadrennial media ownership review affecting broadcast ownership regulations, the following statement can be attributed to NAB Executive Vice President of Communications Dennis Wharton: “We’re disappointed that Chairman Wheeler continues to ignore the will of both the courts and Congress by proposing to retain broadcast ownership rules that long ago outlived their usefulness. It is shocking that regulators who bless ...Read More
From CommLawCenter By Lauren Lynch Flick June 27, 2016 Today, the FCC released a document entitled Fact Sheet: Updating Media Ownership Rules in the Public Interest.  The driver behind the Fact Sheet is the Chairman’s promise to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals that draft multiple ownership rules would be circulated among the commissioners by June 30, with the intent of adopting final rules by the end of 2016.  The ...Read More
June 11, 2016, Branson, MO- The Missouri Broadcasters Association held its 2016 Awards Banquet on Saturday, June 11th at the Branson Hilton Convention Center.  The evening was part of the MBA annual convention and included dinner, entertainment, Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and MBA Awards Presentation. Mark Gordon, MBA President/CEO said, “This is the one time of year that our broadcasters around the state come together to recognize the outstanding ...Read More
From CommLawBlog:   If you participate in the Emergency Alert System, it’s time to get out your calendars and circle Wednesday, September 28, 2016 – because we now know that that’s the day on which our friends at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are planning on conducting the second-ever nationwide test of the EAS. We don’t know the time of day yet or a number of other details that will ...Read More
Commercial radio stations located within the Top 50 Radio markets that have five or more employees per station employment unit will be required to begin placing public file material in an FCC-hosted online public filing system as of the effective date of the order (which will follow Office of Management and Budget approval of the new rule).  All other stations, including both commercial and noncommercial stations in markets of any ...Read More
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The FCC has announced its proposed schedule of regulatory fees for the 2016 fiscal year. The payment due date has not been announced but is expected to be in September. The total amount of the fees is mandated annually by Congress. This year’s fees represent an overall increase of more than 13%. Some broadcast fees, though, are to increase far more. (Curiously, no offset is being given for the nearly ...Read More
From CommLawBlog:  It’s official! Last fall’s overhaul of the rules governing licensee-conducted broadcast contests has finally become effective. According to a notice in the Federal Register, our friends at the Office of Management and Budget gave the new rules the big thumbs up last week, and the rules have now taken effect as of February 12, 2016. This means that, among other things, stations are now able to post their ...Read More
The MBA is taking part in a pilot project for the Radio Preservation Task Force. This group has been tasked by the Library of Congress to assemble a national radio air check database. Frank Absher, Executive Director of the St. Louis Media History Foundation, is building a regional repository of these air checks in Missouri which could be used as a template for other states.  Collections are already established in ...Read More