From Radio Business Report (6/29) It just got a little bit easier for consumers to enjoy NextRadio on their cell phone. It can be found among the selections available at the Amazon App Store. “Providing customers an additional avenue to download and enjoy NextRadio through the Amazon App Store is great forward progress. We are grateful to Amazon for providing customers with capable smartphones the opportunity to enjoy interactive FM ...Read More
From NAB SmartBrief: The Federal Communications Commission prefers to focus on expanding its online political ad database to include cablers, satcasters and radio stations, rather than mandate that the ads themselves list the names of major donors, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said in a letter to Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., and other senators who are calling for donors to be named. "The expanded rules, if adopted, will bring sunlight to ...Read More
From NAB SmartBrief:  The Senate Commerce Committee approved a measure to keep in place TV station joint sales agreements that were in place as of March 2014. "Joint Sales Agreements in Missouri and across the country have helped save TV stations from going dark, increased program diversity, and enabled local news programming for many TV broadcasters," said Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., the measure's sponsor. Katy On The Hill (6/25), Broadcasting & ...Read More
From NAB SmartBrief:  Radio continues to reach more than nine in 10 Americans every week, a level of engagement that's greater than any other platform, according to Nielsen's latest Total Audience Report. Radio also is able to connect equally with various demographics better than other platforms. "It's impressive how radio's reach has remained really high, and really consistent," said Jon Miller, Nielsen's vice president of audience insights. Inside Radio (subscription ...Read More
From CommLawBlog: By Paul A. Cicelski Published on: June 12, 2015 The FCC has slowly but surely been striving to improve the nation’s Emergency Alert System (“EAS”) to improve safety warnings to the public. In its most recent effort to achieve this goal, the FCC issued an Order last week updating its rules to establish operational standards to be used during national EAS tests and emergencies. According to the FCC, ...Read More
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   June 9, 2015 CONTACT:   Press Office   (202) 226-4972   Committee Announces Agreement to Bolster FCC Field Operations,   Ensure Smart Use of Taxpayer Dollars at the FCC HEARING CANCELLED: Thursday’s #SubCommTech Hearing on FCC Field   Office Closures   WASHINGTON, DC   – Leaders of the House Energy and Commerce Committee today announced an   agreement with Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler to ...Read More
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Latest Update
The NAB has totally revamped the website and added a wonderful new tool for listeners to thank those members of Congress who have signed on to the Local Radio Freedom Act. The tool also allows visitors to ask legislators who have not yet signed on to the bill to please do so.  This online ad can be put on your website to promote where your listeners can tweet, ...Read More
From NAB SmartBrief:  The NextRadio application has built a roster of some 2,000 radio station partners, but it needs to expand beyond its sole mobile partner, Sprint, to achieve critical mass, said NextRadio President Paul Brenner. Broadcasters also tout the importance for the public of having the FM chip activated. "In many countries outside of the U.S., it's common to have the radio activated in a cellphone," said NAB spokesman ...Read More
All broadcast stations, regardless of whether they are NAB members, can now access new spots designed to help promote the important work of broadcasters to policymakers and audiences. The new "All Screens" We Are Broadcasters spots remind our legislators and audiences that local radio and television stations are part of the current and future media landscapes. Broadcasters' content is available on every screen in your life – the TV, radio, ...Read More
Gregg Skall recently had an article posted on regarding the rules and regulations regarding the use of music in a client's radio commercial. Periodically, the question invariably comes in: Can we use our station's music library to produce commercials for a good client? Many seem to think that their existing ASCAP, BMI or SESAC agreements allow them to use the music they cover for any purpose, whether it be to perform it ...Read More
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