From Memorandum to Members, August 2015 provided by Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth  (See page 12 and 13 for additional deadlines) Annual Regulatory Fees -  The due date has not been officially set, however it is currently projected to be September 22, 23, or 24th and no later that September 30th.  These will be due and payable for Fiscal Year 2015, and will be based upon a licensee's/permittee's holdings on October ...Read More
-- ‘Alison & Adam Memorial Fund’ Established In Support of Families of Victims -- WASHINGTON, D.C. – Broadcast trade organizations joined forces today to launch the “Alison & Adam Memorial Fund” to support families of the victims of the Roanoke TV shooting. The National Association of Broadcasters, the Radio Television Digital News Association and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced that they will contribute to and accept ...Read More
NAB has launched the 2015 Congressional Public Service Announcements, offering radio and TV broadcasters more than 550 PSAs. This year, a record 307 members of Congress and their family members from 49 states and three (3) U.S. territories appeared in PSAs on the following issues: Cancer Prevention • Cyber Bullying Prevention • Distracted Driving Prevention • Emergency Preparedness • Healthy Kids • Literacy Mental Health Awareness • Supporting Returning Troops ...Read More
Latest Update
The NAB has totally revamped the website and added a wonderful new tool for listeners to thank those members of Congress who have signed on to the Local Radio Freedom Act. The tool also allows visitors to ask legislators who have not yet signed on to the bill to please do so.  This online ad can be put on your website to promote where your listeners can tweet, ...Read More
All broadcast stations, regardless of whether they are NAB members, can now access new spots designed to help promote the important work of broadcasters to policymakers and audiences. The new "All Screens" We Are Broadcasters spots remind our legislators and audiences that local radio and television stations are part of the current and future media landscapes. Broadcasters' content is available on every screen in your life – the TV, radio, ...Read More
From Gregg Skall, Womble Carlyle: The FCC has announced its proposed regulatory fees for Fiscal Year 2015. Rather remarkably, for the second year in a row radio fees are not to increase, although most television fees are to rise modestly. A list of the planned revised fees is attached. As it had proposed last year, the FCC has eliminated its prior $10 fee for broadcast auxiliary microwave stations. Licensees are ...Read More