December 17, 2014   The NAB released a memo detailing the new FCC rules that are to update the quality standards of Closed Captioning that will take effect March 15th, 2015. The FCC amended its rules to ensure that caption quality more closely matches audio presentation so that video programming is as understandable to the non-hearing person as it is the hearing person. The FCC established four non-technical quality standards for ...Read More
Webcasters should be preparing to file FCC paperwork which is due the beginning of February.  We have posted specific instructions for three broadcast categories in our LEGAL section of this website.  The broadcast categories are COMMERCIAL, NONCOMMERCIAL and NONCOMMERCIAL EDUCATIONAL.   Contact or call 573-636-6692 if you need the member password.
From CommLawBlog:   If you as a broadcaster, producer, or artist want to head into a congressionally-designated wilderness area to create some programming (both newsgathering and other programming), you will likely have to get a permit to do so from the National Forest Service (NFS). And yes, the power to require a permit also encompasses the power to require a fee for that permit, so you can expect to have to ...Read More
From CommLawBlog (Nov. 24, 2015)  Big News! The Commission has taken the unusual step of proposing a rule revision requested by broadcasters and of potential benefit to broadcasters, both TV and radio! The on-air contest rule – Section 73.1216 – is up for a long-overdue overhaul. And while there may be plenty to criticize in the FCC’s less-than-prompt attention here, let’s not focus on that just now. Instead, let’s take a ...Read More
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From CommLawCenter:   The FCC released a Public Notice announcing that it would deem December 19, 2016 to be the new deadline for making any necessary modifications to existing TV JSAs to ensure compliance with the FCC's multiple ownership rule.  As a result, in those situations where the treatment of a JSA as an attributable ownership interest would create a violation of the FCC's local ownership limits, the affected broadcaster will ...Read More
From CommLawBlog: With December just around the corner, full power TV licensees and MVPDs should probably be checking their compliance with our old friend, the Commercial Advertising Loudness Mitigation Act (you probably know it as the CALM Act) and the related FCC rules. When the FCC’s rules governing the “loudness” of TV commercials were first adopted, they were set to take effect on December 13, 2012. One-year waivers were available which, ...Read More
From:  CommLawBlog, Nov. 3, 2014   If you’re a full-power TV licensee, in the near future you can expect to be receiving (or you may already have received) a note from the Television Music License Committee (TVMLC) notifying you that a court has preliminarily approved a settlement the Committee has reached with SESAC. You have the option of objecting to the settlement or opting out of it, but if you do ...Read More